What's the best web browser for lingq?

I’m tired of all the problems I get with Safari. What is the primary browser lingq programers code for?

We primarily use Chrome, so the experience on Chrome will likely be the best. We do our best to also test other browsers, but the reality is we’re on Chrome the most and spend the most time there. This month we’re really making efforts to focus on testing the Lesson page thoroughly and weeding out any remaining issues that are still around.

@Alex - I wonder if you could kindly help me re Chrome, Alex?

For a few months I’ve had “Trovi” hijacker embedded in it, it slows the whole process of browsing down when I try to bring up Chrome and makes sure it’s the only means of browsing. I tried malwarebytes etc to get rid of it, but nothing works. Since then I’ve only ever used Firefox which is unaffected.

I’m tempted to uninstall Chrome and ‘hope’ that it takes Trovi away with it, then later on reinstall it, but do you know if that is what would happen or would it still stay within my laptop and possibly latch onto FF? Worse still, could it then turn it’s affections to FF anyway?!

Fingers crossed that you might be able to advise, but if not I really do understand.

Many thanks, Sue

Hopefully therightcoast’s link will be helpful!

@therightcoast - Thank you so much for trying, but sadly I’ve already tried it without success as Trovi doesn’t show up in the programmes so it can’t be uninstalled. :frowning:

It only shows up in the computer at all when clicking on Chrome and then I can’t get rid of it.

Many thanks for trying though, I really do appreciate that. :slight_smile:


Hmm, did you also try steps listed in the section for Google Chrome which is to the bottom of the page?

I did indeed, Alex, but Trovi just doesn’t show up anywhere. They’re obviously very crafty in the way it’s hidden into my laptop. It’s a real pain as I have the LingQ thingamejig on there too, but…!

I’m just so pleased that (fingers crossed) it hasn’t found it’s way into FF.

Thanks anyway though as I do appreciate you trying to help.


Ah, sorry to hear that!

My only advice would be to be extra careful when installing new programs. During the installation process, a lot of them will ask whether you want to install additional toolbars, etc. They make it seem like you’re required to install these, but they’re always optional, so always be sure to untick the box for these additional “features”.