What's the best way to use vocabulary review functionality?


I started using LingQ two weeks ago and I have some troubles with understanding how to use the vocabulary review.

I just imported one of interesting articles in target language and I’m reading it in “My Lessons”. A couple of times a day I open “vocabulary review” and study new words.

The question is why I mostly see the same words that I already know in vocabulary review if I get 10-15 new words from the article per day? What’s the best way to use LingQ and vocabulary review?


Hi, welcome :slight_smile:

You can filter the words to review: If you only review status 2-3 words, you can concentrate on relevant words. To get a fresh list every day, you can search by SRS date. You can also review the lingqs already present in a new text you are about to work on by clicking on the number of lingqs in the upper right hand corner in lesson view.