What's next after beginner Spanish lessons are done

I came to Lingq after completing 5 levels of Pimsleur, so I started in Lingq at level 2 beginner with the 60 lessons, which I have almost completed. What is the next step after that. It looks like there’s no definite structure, just a free for all. I’m concerned about getting into too advanced territory. I’ve veered off the 60 lessons a couple of times created some links there for words that don’t come up often in normal conversation at my level. I’m sure many of you have gotten here and wondered “What’s Next?” Que me recomiendas?

There are way more than 60 lessons throughout the beginner 1 & 2 guided courses section. I followed the guided course starting out and found it very helpful. I recommend just going course by course throughout the guided section. If you don’t like a particular course, feel free to skip it.

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Thanks Miriam. I’ll follow your suggestions. I did just find a book in the system by Olly Richards that I actually own on Kindle, and it’s great to have the Audio along with
the written word, and to be able to create links. So I’m working on that one now. I recently bought another of his stories on Kindle that focuses on teaching the subjunctive, and I bought the Audio version as well, so I’m going to learn how to import material into Lingq so I can use it and share it.

Thanks for the tip. I have been using those stories/lessons, and I guess I thought they would continue into the intermediate level. But I have found some interesting material in Lingq that I’m going to enjoy.

Yeah, Olly Richards would definitely be a good option too! You could import the book into Lingq, but you’d have to remove DRM first (there are threads here you can search for telling you how to do it w/Calibre and the de-DRM plugin. It’s not hard after the initial hump.) I think he has them on audio as well.

I think Ollie Richards is better at the beginning stages. I read his Beginner and Intermediate Short Stories in French (he has all the same stories translated into different languages.) After awhile I found them dull, so I wish I had read them earlier-- when the language is more unfamiliar, it is exciting to read a real book, but once you get better and they are not as challenging they aren’t intrinsically interesting, IMO. So if I had to go back I’d read them even earlier, maybe :stuck_out_tongue: They definitely helped me.

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