What's New in LingQ - December 15th

Another week closer to Christmas, another week of new content.

We’ve added a new episode of our Italian podcast (check it out at Login - LingQ) for those intermediate learners dreaming of their next romantic vacation.

We’re also in the midst of adding new shelves filled with Christmas-related content. They are already up in some languages (Japanese, Russian, and others) and more will be added soon.

Some of us need a little bit of humour with our language learning. The sitcom Friends is one of the biggest tools for English learners on the internet, and you can find it right here in LingQ.
Just check out the English Library and look for a “Friends” shelf - with the help of the LingQ extension, you can import scenes from your favourite episodes right into LingQ!

We’ve added hundreds and hundreds of new lessons in the last week, so we can’t cover everything in one post. Check out the What’s New shelf in each language to see what our users have been sharing.

For more content updates, see you next week!