What's New in LingQ Around Christmas

Every week we post the latest content updates we’ve been working on.

How is Christmas celebrated by the speakers of the language you’re learning? Check out our new Christmas shelves! Some lessons are easy, some are challenging, but all are related to Christmas and the holidays.

You can find the shelves in 14 languages. Here are the links:

French: Login - LingQ
English: Login - LingQ
German: Login - LingQ
Japanese: Login - LingQ
Russian: Login - LingQ
Spanish: Login - LingQ
Swedish: Login - LingQ
Italian: Login - LingQ
Portuguese: Login - LingQ
Chinese: Login - LingQ
Korean: Login - LingQ
Polish: Login - LingQ
Dutch: Login - LingQ
Arabic: Login - LingQ

Who Is She? Russian

We’ve upgraded the audio to our of our core courses - Who Is She? - in Russian. This course follows a sister investigating the disappearance of her dear brother… It’s available in a number of languages and is perfect for beginner learners. Check it out in Russian here Login - LingQ.