"What's New" for informing the User Community

When you folks make significant changes to the system, particularly as regards new functionality, it would be nice if you had a page somewhere detailing these changes so the User would not have to discover them by chance. For example, you all have recently modified the “Gear” icon functionality in the lesson and I discovered this only by accident. What does “Quick LingQ on” mean?? I wonder what else I am missing??

Please consider maintaining a “What’s New” offering with a brief description of the change and the date it was applied. It could be a link at the top of the LingQ screen adjacent to the Academy and Forum links.

Thanks for listening. I hope to see this sooner rather than later. :slight_smile:

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Super idea!

Hi! We do actually announce major updates like this on the “LingQ Updates and Known Issues” forum found here: Updates, Tips And Known Issues - Language Forum @ LingQ

One of our reasons for updating the forum was to allow us to better announce these types of updates, as we notice there wasn’t as much activity on the blog for these types of updates. You’ll also see a link in our upcoming newsletter announcing the new features :slight_smile:

I am disappointed that I was unable to communicate the need clearly. The information you provide does not represent what I was trying to suggest. Having the “What’s New” link at the top of the screen makes it “easy” for a User of LingQ to find clever innovative updates. This link would not include any information other than a description of the new innovation and the date implemented. The reason for the date in this link would be to allow the user to tell where he or she finished reviewing the information. Desirably it would “light up” when new information was added. I would wish that you all would reconsider this notion. At the very least, provide a link to the Newsletters and a search capability of those Newsletters so one can find the innovation.

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I see what you mean; more like a release or version log. We’ll see if this is something we might be able to do!

Thanks for reconsidering this option. I have attached a word file for all to see that suggests how this might look and function. I am sure LingQ may come up with a better solution. This for illustrative purposes. The document must be downloaded to open it in MS Word. It is the orange blank doc. Please excuse the typos and grammar–there are a couple of errors there. One last thought, the dates should be newest to oldest instead of oldest to newest as I show in this doc. I hope others will feel free to look at an suggest a better solution.

Thanks! For starters what we might do is just include a link to the blog with the “Updates” tag selected. This should be the quickest way to implement this. Then we’ll look at possibly building a custom page for this with a nice and neat interface :slight_smile:

Sounds good to me, thanks again.