What you better know to make?

hello, hello
I am Rosane, i have 18 years old, i am carioca (brazilian)
the best thing that I know to make is to play drum, to teach (I am teacher) and to draw, and you?



desenho de retrato (I don’t know to write this in english xD)


Obs:I am max too, max is my nickname ^^

my english is terrible xD save me God… hehehehe

Hi Rosane ,
how are you ?..

I’m Noof .I have 18 years .I’m from in Doha in Qatar (in Arabian Gulf ) :slight_smile:

and I stady in university .hammm what also

hi everyone!
i m warda.i have 20 years old.i m coming from pakistan…i think i join school because my english is not good…thats why i join in school.

Warda - You are 20 years old. This is a common mistake and acceptable in British West Indies English but not in American or Canadian. So write I am 20 years old.
If you are “coming” from Pakistan that means you are going somewhere. Instead write, I am from Pakistan.