What would happen if I stopped paying?

At some point I’ll need LingQ no more, at least until I start a new language.

I would like my account, statistics, my posts and lessons to continue to be available to me and everyone.

How can I do that?


I think everything you have (vocabulary, stats, lessons etc) stays, but you can not add new lingqs.

At least that‘s what I remember from the last time. But this was over a year ago.

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Your account, posts and all shared lessons will remain available to you and others in LingQ community.
To keep you LingQs and learning progress in your study language, you will need to activate the Vacation plan (2 USD/month) and with having it active you can keep your stats too for as long as you want, until you upgrade back to Premium again.


Thank you, Zoran. What would happen if I just stopped paying?

Again, your account, posts and all shared lessons will remain available to you and others in LingQ community even if you downgrade to FREE account. But during the downgrade process you will be asked do you want to Delete your data (this applies on your learning stats only - LingQs, Known words, private lessons etc) or switch to Vacation Plan.


At the risk of sounding redundant, are you saying that if one downgrades their account, all their known word statistics will disappear? So, essentially, your account will remain but your known word count will go to “0” and everything goes to blue again?


So, on the “Change Plan” page, under Free account, “Track Learning Activity” is checked, which would mean that a free account will still keep track of your learned words, correct?

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@t_harangi That’s correct, but if you choose “Delete your data” during downgrade process you will lose your LingQs and imports (lessons needs to be removed or shared before you can downgrade).

Now I’m slightly confused. t_harangi asked if “free account will still keep track of your learned words”.

You provide a special Vacation plan: Login - LingQ

Please correct me if I’m wrong, your offer is:
Unless you pay us at least 2$/month, we will permanently delete all your data in 90 days.



@SergeyFM Yes, that exactly how it works, not sure what’s so confusing. :slight_smile: Basically you can either keep all your data and imports with Vacation plan for $2/month, or delete your data with Free Plan and start over if you decide to upgrade back later.


Hi SergeyFM, there are two ways you can buy membership, either you pay for 6 or 12 months as a lump sum in advance or you pay a monthly fee on a monthly basis.

You have chosen the monthly payment scheme with payment on a monthly basis, as such, you are forced to downgrade when you no longer wish to create LingQs, which means removing your lesson imports (and apparently possibly losing your LingQs, from what Zoran says), and generally feeling the impact of being “downgraded”.

If you go for the lump sum payment of 6 months or 12 months, as Wegweiser has done below, you keep everything once that period lapses. You keep all your imports, you keep all your LingQs, all your vocabulary, lessons and stats, your account remains exactly as it is because the scheme involves advance payment for a certain period of time. When that period lapses, it naturally times out and nothing happens. Obviously you cannot continue creating LingQs unless you buy another period with advance payment, but if you don’t choose to do so, your account remains exactly as it is. The lump sum advance payment is currently $77 for 6 months and $155 for 12 months. It’s a different scheme to the monthly payment.

Wegweiser has very clearly stated that you keep absolutely everything:
"I think everything you have (vocabulary, stats, lessons etc) stays, but you can not add new lingqs.

Nothing changes because you are not downgrading, the period you purchased has simply lapsed. The status quo is maintained until you buy another advance payment period upon which you can create new LingQs.

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