What will happen with my LingQ database, If I'll not pay for the membership in time?

I have forgot to transfer some money to my international bank card (I use it only for the lingQ’s payments). I don’t know what PayPal will do when it will not find cash for the regular payment on my bank card, but I suppose I can’t to pay for my membership in time. My prepaid period will run out tomorrow. I would like to stay at basic account and I can to pay for it in three or four days.
But I worry about what will happen with my lingq’s? Will it be save?
I’m sorry for my memory, but I’m going to learn language and use this system, and it would be very pity to lose all data.

DimitriyK, you will not lose any data. It will all be there when you become a Basic member again. Good luck in your learning.

In fact, the system tries 3 times to charge you over a 10 day period if your payment first fails. Therefore, your account should be fine.