What was/is Your Longest LingQ Streak?

I’m at 106 Days right now (Japanese) :smiley:


Nice! I’m at 80 as of today - also Japanese!

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Currently 331 days in a row with Korean.



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It was like 450

  1. Português.

I broke my 49 day streak yesterday (French) :frowning:

I had about 100 days in German… my first 4 months in… and I didn’t realise that I had to do “13” lingq’s as “the activity”. I had done lots of other activities like listening… because I was litterally driving. We drove about 800 km went to a wedding ceremony and then drove back home the 800 km. I truelly didn’t have time to do more things then just listen… so that was the day I lost my streak up to that point. Since then I had a long streak again and I can’t remember the number and that day I lost that streak… I thought I had studied in the moring first thing. …actually I know I did becasue that is what I do everyday. But I didn’t realise that I didn’t meet the minimum and that day I lost all my streaks on all my languages. :frowning: … so currently I am at about 85 days I think in German. Seeing those high numbers in the thread… WOW. good job. Something to strive towrards.

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371 days of Russian

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About 60 days, in French

I did 362 days in Chinese. That hurt, to miss making it a full year. I was too busy with work, took a nap, and accidentally slept past midnight.

I have found out very recently that LingQ technical is willing to repair that for you. You should ask Zoran if he would be willing to.

That’s amazing. There are very few things I can remember doing every day for 450 days besides eating, sleeping, etc. Kudos!


Ninety seven.

The best part: I have no plan on stopping!

I prioritise Chinese over basically everything else in my day. It’s as though Chinese is at the base of my hierarchy of needs :wink:

The hard truth I had to learn was that all of these things I told myself that I “had to do” before getting to my “China Time” were all just excuses. I used these things to put off learning the language because I was scared of learning it, scared deep down that I’d fail, that I’d suck at it.

Once I realised that I was lying to myself and just procrastinating (which only made me feel worse), I made sure to carve out my China Time every day and I haven’t broken the streak since.

(Pro tip: do your LingQ time in the morning so that you don’t have to stress about it later in the day if you are running around doing errands, etc.)


Damn, that must have hit hard when you lost that. Sorry to hear :frowning:

Agree completely. I found the same think for me too.

I don’t really know on LinQ but on my own record it’s 28 days. Fridays often cut my streaks.

Well, 500 :slight_smile:
I am abscessed on streak and doing every day, it doesn’t mater I had party yesterday or not.
It is becoming a bit crazy.

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I think one time I hit 59. lol! I remember being so mad that I didn’t just do one more day so I could at least hit 60 lol.
I feel like though that there should be another streak that keeps count of being active on LingQ in general, and not just with a specific language.

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