What was your surprise Christmas present?

Did you get a totally unexpected present? I did: the CD “Grosse Freiheit” by Unheilig. Somebody must have thought I needed educating about German music.

I like it!

I didn’t get any “surprise” presents. I like “Unheilig” a lot, especially “Geboren um zu leben” and “Winterland”.

I also got what looked like a bundle of twigs from my son. The twigs turned out to be pencils made in Thailand - I didn’t know there were pencil trees in addition to spaghetti trees (a British in-joke).

I got snowchains for my shoes. They look absolutely brilliant and I look forward to one day getting enough snow to be able to wear them :wink:

I did not get any special present just shoes and shorts.

@ hape I just listened to ‘Winterland’ on Youtube. Thank you!

I got nothing; I guess I was a bad boy.

A TV… I don’t watch much TV. I’m hoping to hook it up to my computer through a reallyy long cable. Then it’s usefulness will increase.

got a shirt with the kool-aid guy on the floor, broken, saying, “Oh , #@$%!!”

One of the reasons I like LingQ is that I keep coming across new things: I had to search for 'the kool-aid guy" and now I am that little bit wiser.

As to dooo’s enforced (?) lack of surprises, I don’t mind a minimalistic Christmas, but unexpected little gifts are nice.

For me shorts and socks would be a surprise, too, and as for a tv? Now that would be a surprise.


The song “Winterland” was a big hit last winter, mostly due to the fact that we had a really tough winter in Germany one year ago.

A bottle of Calvados!

(Wont those guys ever learn!?)

I confess, I am not that into Christmas. All the camaraderie reminds me of people who make a big deal of wishing you happy birthday when you rarely have a regular conversation with them and the only reason they know it’s your birthday is an automated alert from Facebook.

Modern Brazilian Portguese Grammar Workbook! :stuck_out_tongue:

Even though I don’t personally celebrate Christmas, I still got given a surprise language book present!

I received a copy of the Kama Sutra, translated into Italian. They also felt the need to modernize all of the illustrations, which I found almost as interesting as some of the Italian translations.

I also got an original Star Trek “red shirt” uniform from my brother… not really sure what he intended by that.