What was the goal of the Lesson Store?

Found a lesson store hiding at the bottom of the topics list for English. No lessons available.

Found a forum post from a year ago. Same situation back then as well. Is the lesson store still in development or something that they simply forgot to delete after they gave up on trying to develop a proper model to incentivise lesson creators?

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There used to be lessons that were only available if you paid for them. I don’t know what became of them.

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The Lesson Store tab works just fine, but not all languages have available paid lessons there.
Lessons in the Lesson Store are imported by content providers who shared their paid material (podcasts/ebooks etc…) and they require additional payments for their content. Lessons in the Lesson Store can be purchased with LingQ points.


Ah, makes sense :joy: Btw, I think in my head LingQ is a much bigger company than it actually is…

Do you have staff actively searching for those types of partnerships or is that part of the LingQ 6.0 plan?

We don’t really actively searching at the moment, usually they reach out to us. But we do definitely have in plans to offer more content in the Lesson Store in future, we will spend more time on that at some point.

Where can I find this Lesson Store? And for which languages does it have content?

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It’s a bottom left tab on the home page. Most of the languages don’t have paid lessons at the moment.