What Type of Podcasts?

Ciao amici,

I wanted to know what type of podcasts are best to listen to to learn a language. Should I:
-Listen to podcasts that are entirely in that language, say a book or a radio show, etc.
-Or, listen to podcasts that are more “tutor” like. Meaning, they teach you in English but demonstrate their Italian.

Which type have you found best and most efficient in your learning journey? Is there a recommended podcast station for Italian? Plus, I’m somewhat of a beginner and understand basic conversation.

Well, if you can understand it, I’d go with option one :slight_smile: Option two like stuff bores the hell out of me, but if you’re into it, go for it.

The conversational stuff that Mikebond posted should get you to a level where you can start understanding a podcast meant for Italians.

Okay, I appreciate your response. You’re right. Option one is better for becoming subject to how the language sounds and how the people annunciate it.