What tools are useful in language learning?

Getting some stats on what methods people use to improve their language skills, as well as what mobile apps are found most helpful:
Thank you for participating!

How (or when) can we see the results?

By the way, what is the purpose of that survey?

Who are you?

No information on your profile.

Yet you’ve just joined and want us to fill in your survey.

You haven’t even been an active member on the forum (so we can’t get a “feel” for you that way either).

It very much looks like you joined 36 hours ago in order to get answers to your survey.

It is only fair - not to mention professional and polite - to at least add a blurb on your profile or here.

So we know more about you personally and why you are gathering such data.

If you look at the first three answers you’ve got here, you’ll see that they are all from people requiring more information.

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Don’t mean to pile on, but the survey ignores one of most effective and most common set of tools that people use for language learning: self study courses such as Assimil, Teach Yourself, Living Language, Primsleur etc. etc.

It seems you’re interested in people’s experience with apps specifically, and that’s fine, it’s just that I’ve never actually met anyone that have gotten to any serious level of proficiency using those “game like” apps as their primary base method.

I really think apps like Duolingo etc. are great for practice and for a secondary tool to learn grammar, or chat with people in the case of iTalky etc. but I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone as their primary method.

The one exception, I’ve heard of people who are living in a foreign country and use Duolingo as their primary tool to study while engaging with locals and being immersed in the culture at the same time, but I would argue that even then, Duolingo is still their secondary tool, immersion and conversation is really their primary.

It just seems to me that any survey that focuses on apps but ignores self study courses will only get very skewed resutls from point of view of dedicated language learners.

Here’s a live link with the summary (anyone filling out the survey from now on can see it): https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1c7M7wZzMjkiQSBy1DUnNE87JIbujF9dedsrSDLovaRk/viewanalytics

Thank you for your interest. I am trying to learn from others what the current thinking about languages is, and whether the apps/methodologies that exist out there are sufficient.

Thank you for your contribution and suggestions! I have posted some information on myself and am very excited to be joining this very resourceful and active community of language learners!

Am I the only one who gets a little annoyed by people who post things in language forums, not to participate as a normal member, but to get information in order to design a profitable product? Just curious - are you planning on competing with this site?

Nope, not planning on competing at all.

Good point, thank you for zooming in on that. Will add it to the survey.