What to Read

During my language learning journey, reading has played a major role. I have spent most of my time reading newspapers and such.

However, I feel like my reading is not diverse enough. What can you all recommend in terms of the type of reading that I should do?

Is reading just the newspaper enough to enhance my vocabulary dramatically?

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

I think the newspaper would be enough, as long as you read on different topics I guess. I don’t know what to recommend really as I always use the lessons that are on the lingq website because they have the accompanying audio, however, I recently went to florence and was reading up on florence on the spanish Wikipedia.

I presume you are aware of the import feature, you have been bringing the newspaper articles in to lingq or not?

Anyway, I brought the Wikipedia article into lingq using the import feature, and that way, I have my interesting content and I can mark words as known etc,

Maybe you could start taking an article from Wikipedia, perhaps reading up on someone or some topic that you are interested in, hope this helps!

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I’ve noticed the same thing…I read a lot of newspapers, but I don’t feel as if it’s enough. I’ve begun to read novels (not classics but detective-type novels) and I’m exposed to much wider vocabulary! Why don’t you find a type of book that interests you and try books?

And someone here mentioned reading “For Dummies” books to get vocabulary for the subjects that interest you. I think that’s a good idea. I went so far as to download the free preview of several on my e-reader. Even that was enough to give me a taste. And translated versions of books that you already enjoy in your native language are good.


I support the idea of reading some novels from a subject that interests you. Like crowderd I’ve read some easy going crime stories. The advantage was that these stories included a lot of dialogues which were close to “real spoken language”. Personally I prefer newer books (Past 20 years) to get an impression how language is used in our days (accoring of words, grammar and spelling).

pour votre gouverne

That makes me want to read…it is interesting though