What to import

I hear of people importing lessons on lingQ, and honestly I don’t know what or how to import… Any help?

You can essentially import anything you want. If you want to import a lesson, simply follow the instructions on the Import Help page (Import Help).

If you want to share content in the Library for other members to use, please make sure that the content is not copyrighted or that you have permission from the content owner to share it on LingQ.

Additionally, with the Import Bookmarklet (which is currently available for Paying members only), you can simply highlight text on virtually any page on the internet, click the Import Bookmarklet in your Bookmarks tab, and the text will automatically be imported into the correct lesson for you to study.

If you’ve got any more questions, feel free to ask :slight_smile:

Go to a news site in your language of study and import some articles and then try to watch some news programs and see if you can catch any of the new words you learned.

Use wikipedia in the language you are learning and import articles that interest you. I have articles ranging from ‘ketchup’ to my favorite singers biographies that I took from wikpedia in Korean.

Import song lyrics and the song mp3

Import books you want to read- right now I have a couple of chapters of harry potter imported

Import movie dialog scripts and read and watch the movie

There is so much stuff you can do!

How did you import the Harry Potter chapter? Are you just typing them by hand? I know they can now be purchased as an e-edition, but I’m assuming that Adobe Digital won’t let you copy and paste to Linq.