What to do with all of those LingQs?


I have about 9000 lingqs. What does this really mean? In another forum thread, others have mentioned the tedium of trying to tackle that big pile, and yet all of those lingqs are potentially known words. What strategies do you have for tackling those lingqs?

. It would be cool if the program and apps would automatically advance the familiarity of a lingq every time I viewed it’s definition.

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I wouldn’t worry too much about the number: it’s just a rather vague indication of your progress, nothing more. I’ve created some 30,000 odd lingqs here, but the number doesn’t really mean anything.

What is significant for me, however, is seeing the number of yellow words in a given text start to disappear, when I come back to a text a few months or a year later. The more you work with the system, the more the words will pass through the various stages of yellow and become clear (ie. “known”).

I just read, and move words to “known” rather quickly. If it turns out I don’t actually know a word later, I set it back down, but otherwise forwards and onwards! :slight_smile:



Thanks, Greg, By “working with the system”, I assume you mean manually moving the words from yellow to clear.