What to do when you get tired of studying a language?

I would like to hear from Steve (and also other LingQ members) what should I do when I get tired of studying a languague. It is not I dont want to study anymore, but I have been studying japanese everyday for the last 4-5 months without any break. I improved a lot, mainly because I am focusing my studies in read and listen a lot. But I am a bit tired of trying to understant the language and learn so many new words. I want to take a break, maybe study other language and return to japanese after some time. But I am afraid of forget the things I have been learn in the last months! I know I am improving and dont want to stop, but at the same time I am tired! What should I do?

Take a break. Do another language or do something else. You will not lose anything. In fact when you go back to the language you may even find that you have improved, once you get over the initial rustiness. That has been my experience over and over.

When I get fed up learning English, I don’t shift to Dutch because it’s a too close language.
As I get fed up achieving all kinds of workout in English learning, I start watching the telly on BBC World Service.
If I were getting fed up thinking and doing everything in English, I would chill out with gardening.
As I’d be getting fed up gardening, I’d restart my English workout.
Before shifting from an activity, don’t forget to save your work!

I think I got what you mean. I was getting fed up studying japanese, listening japanese music, using japanese OS, etc. Today was the first day in last months I did not think about japanese. Instead I went out, bought new strings for my bass and played! (I have not been playing for a long long time!) It was very good! Now hope after some days I can return to japanese studies with full strenght!

If you have the option, I recommend traveling to Japan (if you don’t live there). I hit a wall with Spanish 6 months ago and stopped studying. Then I went to Mexico two months ago, and am now in Guatemala… and its great. Using the language face to face, in real communication, has been very motivating.

When “studying” gets tiring, its fun to travel and remind yourself WHY you are learning the language in the first place :slight_smile:

I would travel to Japan if it wasnt so faaaar awayyy… I live in Brazil :slight_smile:
Also it is very expensive!

Yes mairov, take a break. I a situation where I’m actually tired of studying, I don’t study. I’m not trying to say to myself “I have to study!”. I don’t listen and so forth for some time. However quite honestly, it has happened only twice to me in the last year or so. Perhaps it’s because I always try to balance my listening time with content that really really fascinates me (science, philosophy) and content I think is obligatory (every day English, natural conversations) if you really want to impove your spoken English. So because of that I don’t “really” think that I’m studying English. I think that I’m using English and not studying. This attitude takes the pressure away from me. I say “Hey let’s listen to the new LingQ podcast and find out if there is any interesting new things”. I don’t think " Let’s listen to the podcast because I have to learn English" :slight_smile: Of course this was not possible in the beginning, I had to develop in that direction over time. But it very very rewarding.