What to do about wrong writing corrections?

I correct writings in French and I often see wrong corrections. What can I do about that? I think it’s a good thing that everyone can correct but on the other hand, if we can’t report or at least interact about the corrections when someone is not correcting properly, it can be really unhelpful for learners.Some people may have a good level in a foreign language but they are not able to correct others. They correct what’s right and even add new mistakes. For me it’s really frustrating to see that. Being able to correct in a foreign language requires a very high level of proficiency. Sometimes, even we, natives or tutors, can make some mistakes or forget a correction. It would be really necessary to be able to interact about the corrections.

Check this writing correction for instance: Login - LingQ


I agree that all corrections are not carried out by competent “correctors.”

Some of them are all but anonymous; you cannot get, from the profile pages, any information on whether he/she is qualified to be a corrector. If you are proficient enough to tell competent correctors from others, the writing correction page is extremely useful. If this is not the case, don’t expect too much from anonymous correctors.

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To my mind only a native should correct other people’s writing regardless of his proficiency’s level in another language.But I cannot forbid anyone to do it.i would only say that I’d corrected by a native,this is for sure.

You could right the wrong of the writing by writing right.

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But a learner can’t know which corrections are right or wrong. And sometimes they are 2 or 3 corrections after a first one which was totally correct. I don’t really get it. Why do people keep on correcting without adding anything new when something was already corrected right?

It’s true that sometimes we can forget to correct a mistake, or we write a typo. But in that case, instead of having to correct the whole text again we need to be able to write a comment just telling “hey, you made a typo”, or “you forgot this” and the person who corrected can edit her correction. The same if we want to comment something about the text or give a little explanation to help the learner. But it’s impossible…


And even natives can make mistakes or typos… there should be a way to comment on a correction.

I’ add that you can even use writings in order to build your confidence,just writing something waiting for the corrections.It is obvious that one expects the corrections to be as accurate as possible,this is for sure.But as you’ve just said it’s nearly impossible to do it in this place.Certain kinds of explanations are vital for the learner,but maybe without those you could push yourself to be or become a more independent language learne.I don’t really know,these are all only hypothesis,that pop up into my weak mind.

That’s a good point. Even if you right the wrong of the writing by writing right, you still need to earn the trust of learned learners who rightly fear being burned.

If members want almost guaranteed correct corrections they should select a tutor in whom they have confidence. I would select Katy for example. Then I would pay her. The exchange is open to everyone. Looking at several corrections, some more correct than others, is in fact good practice. So is submitting the writing in the first place, or at least writing something. The occasional incorrect correction will not affect our learning. We do need to learn to accept uncertainty in language aquisition. And as Katy points out, even natives make mistakes.


About this correction I think we shouldn’t put s to heure in these cases.

ouvert de 8 heure à 16 heure means open from the 8th hours up to the 16th hours or in french de la huitième à la seizième.
ouvert de 8 heures à 16 heures means open for at least 8 hours but never more than 16.
No s for a time - s for a duration.

I don’t know what correction you are refering to but in any case we would always put an “s” at the end of “heure”, except for “une heure”.

Thank you Steve, I didn’t even remember the paying otpion… LOL