What should we do with translations that are in the wrong language?

If you look at these two examples, both learning Dutch with English translations, the top translation in the first one is in Swedish, not English. The second one has the correct English translation but someone has added one in an Asian language translation behind it.

  1. Is there a way to put the translation in the wrong language into the correct language somehow? I´d want to just put that first example into the Swedish translations of Dutch, where it belongs.

  2. When there is a translation in the wrong language and we don´t know which language, what should we do? Erase it?

  3. When people add translations in the wrong language behind the proper ones, what should we do? Erase them?

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You are Premium member, so you can edit hints if you notice errors. If you click on the blue “Edit” button above the popular translation you will be able to change the flag and move hint into correct language.
In case that translation is wrong and you don’t know which language it is, you can remove it, yes.

I can’t test this now as if I click edit nothing happens. But I’ve never seen any flag to change one wrong translation to a different language. The only thing I saw it’s a button that doesn’t eliminate the wrong translation but just change with the number zero: translation (0).

Yes, changing it to 0 will do the job for now.