What should i do to improve my English speaking skill?

What should i do to improve my English speaking skill?

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Speak a lot. Speak out loud. I had major problems with English pronounciation, especially with the th sound(s), but now I am able to speak fluently without choking on my tongue. It took me a couple of years though.

Generally don’t try too hard to pronounce the sounds. Relax while you pronounce and focus on each individual sound, not trying to “run before you can walk”. And remember that it’s better to practice a little every day than for hours once in a while.

Yeah, speaking a lot is the best way to go. And if you can’t or don’t want to speak to people that much, you can always read out loud to yourself - that will also improve your speaking skill (that’s something that some folks told me recently; here’s the thread I mention it if you’d like to find out more: Do You Read Out Loud To Yourself? - Language Forum @ LingQ )

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Take your time to learn, that’s my first advice. You need to practice speaking more often during every free moment. Watch animal documentaries, most people learning English find those types of films easy to understand. Always try answering questions in English in your mind, when at work or at social gatherings. The more you think in the language you are learning, the easier it will start to flow. Learn a new song, even if it takes two months, trust me it helps. Find more English people to Skype with, also read and learn one new word a day. Keep practicing :slight_smile:

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When listening to a lesson on Linq (or elsewhere), try to speak along while listening. Read at the same time if possible and necessary. Try to imitate not only the pronunciation, but the tone and lilt of the speaker. “Melody” is actually very important to speaking English well, so pay attention to it. Silently mouthing the words is helpful even if you are not in a location or situation where you can speak out loud, such as listening with headphones or earbuds on public transportation.

Speaking with the text helps you become familiar with forming the sounds and sentence structure being used. It is an active exercise that reinforces what you have learned and makes it become more natural for you. When you need to form those sentences later, in your own conversation, they will come much more easily to you.

You will find many videos on YouTube that focus on proper pronunciation of English. You can be understood (usually) if you speak with a heavy accent, and we will politely listen and try to understand. But please try to improve your pronunciation!

Realize that you may need to re-learn how to pronounce some of your native sounds slightly differently for English. Spanish “D” is not the same as English “D”, for example.

Practice strange sounds over and over. I struggled with Arabic “ع” for the longest time until it finally became natural and easy. There was a certain thing I saw several times a day that reminded me of the shape of that letter, and I would try pronouncing it every time I saw that thing.


I f I were you I would enroll in group courses if you are a beginner.

I have been learning English for some years and I clearly undestood that the group communication is the perfect way of learning a language, especially at the beginning. Most of all I like diiscussing something interesting,thanks to this practice I stopped being shy when it comes to speaking.
By the way, this is the academy where I started learning English. http://www.soloidiomas.com
It is situated in Madrid, so if youre from Spain, it can be a great choice for you.
At the first phases of learning I would not take classes with native speaker becuase as for me it could cause more misunderstandings. Once you master main grammar rules, than classes with native speakers will be really effective.
Good luck!