What punctuation is allowed in a LIngQ?

I’ve found out that certain characters cause a LIngQ to truncate. “/” is one, “,” is another. “-” (a short dash or a hyphen) seems OK. Has anyone else had any problems with punctuation when LingQing a phrase?

I’ve been thinking about it recently as I haven’t succeeded in creating a lingq for a German abbreviation, namely “i. d. R.” (stands for “in der Regel”).

This issue came up around a month ago: Lingq Bug? - Language Forum @ LingQ

Mark’s response was as follows:
“I’m sorry but we can’t enable all of these punctuation types within LingQs because they cause other technical problems for our LingQ creation function. You will have to try and avoid containing them in your LingQs. I recommend saving words and short phrases and capturing longer strings within the Phrase box on the LingQ widget.”