What might be a set of useful flashcards?

Hey learners, nice to meet you!

My name is John, I am a big fan of flashcards (both paper and Anki), and I am looking for new interesting stuff to make, but I ask for you help in order to spread my efforts.

Currently I’ve came up to gather material and make a set of selected cards, some 100-300 pcs (maybe more?), like this:

  1. Best US movie/series quotes.
  2. Nature & Environment words.
  3. Business terms.
  4. Medical terms.
  5. Spain History/Life/Celebrities facts.

One side is English, other side is Spanish, and amount of words may vary. Maybe, a picture also (on both sides)?

The possibilities are endless!

I’d be glad if you vote for something above or share your particular need.


Good idea @JohnSilverstone Are you referring to creating a spreadsheet and importing these terms as LingQs?

An idea i’ve been working on is the most common verbs/adjectives/adverbs/possibly phrases for each language as a single import

I usually just create and import ‘blue’ words in each lesson, which has led to a nice dictionary over time.

If you are doing something programmatically you should be able to use this resource to create LingQ data.

Hey @roosterburton thanks for detailing!

Yes, I am looking forwards sensible sets of what could be of interest, as a dictionary.

Like this: if you are an American learner, you might have a specific set of movies/shows watched, and you would probably like to enjoy familiar quotes translated to Spanish?

Or vice versa — as you are learning Spanish, you would probably enjoy more of Spanish culture, like quotes from top Spanish movies and shows.

Is it worthwhile gathering?)