What means this sentence?

I do not understand what means this sentence:
“I have also dealt with him taking women and my gut tels me it was her” ?

I see that the copy and paste function does not work properly for that sentence. I had a look at the lesson to help better explain it.

The original sentence, “I have also dealt with him taking women to hotels and my gut tells me it was her, but he promises it was not her.”, basically means that in the past she had discovered that her boyfriend was going to hotels with women and that she thought that her boyfriend’s ex-wife was a woman that he had gone to a hotel with.

In English, we can say that we have a “gut feeling”, or that our “guts are telling us something”, which means that we have an intuition about something or that our instincts are telling us something. We think we might know about something that had happened or something that will happen but it is only a feeling and we don’t have evidence to really show what happened or what will happen.

I hope my explanation helps.