What level is Intermediate 2?

Hi, I was just wondering what level would the intermediate 2 text be? Is it B1? Or between b1- b2? I am learning French if this helps.

With Intermediate 2 here on LingQ you kinda have the minimum vocabulary for B2 reading comprehension, however, that does not mean you’re at a B2 level. CEFR levels are for reading, speaking, listening, and writing, so technically, no LingQ level is equal to CEFR anything, because LingQ rates on passive vocab / reading comprehension only.


I recently completed Intermediate 2 in German. I’ve not taken any CEFR tests, but if I go by the self assessment. I would say:
Reading: B1-B2 Their descriptions are somewhat confusing so it’s a little hard to gauge. I think I can read most things that are marked as B2 and understand much of it (general points at the very least). B1 marked items I can read and understand most of it (but still would find words I don’t know or understand).
Listening: A2 to very low B1
Speaking: A2-ish…I think I could convey at a level described here, albeit very ragged.

I mostly read so that is why I feel my listening isn’t up to snuff. And speaking I don’t do much of yet, but if I talk to myself I feel I can convey if needed.