What language slot are we directed to?

Hi guys,
I’ve been noticing since a few days that, everytime I type www.lingq.com on the url bar of my browser, I am automatically directed to my Polish slot, even if Polish is not the language I last used or the one I’m studying most these days (sigh!).
So, why am I directed to this page and not to the Portuguese one, which I’m using a lot lately?
Thanks for your explanations,

@mikebond - Our site by default puts you in the last language you were active in. Nothing has changed here as far as I know. I wonder if it’s some sort of auto-complete option in your browser…?

Well, Alex, something seems to be wrong… There is no auto-complete option on my browser (Chrome). Moreover, I have just typed www.lingq.com on Firefox Aurora and it took me to Italian, although I’m using Portuguese right now. It looks like I’m taken to random languages.

Very strange… I checked both Firefox and Chrome and they seem to be working properly. Has anyone else experienced this issue?

Sorry, I was automatically logged in with a common account when I launched the Aurora browser. I logged out and logged in again with my usual account, and I was correctly directed to Portuguese.

@mikebond - No problem, glad to know it’s working properly after all!