What language should I learn first and why?

What language should I learn first and why?

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Dutch, it’s the closest to English and it is fun to learn! :wink:


Which woman should I marrieage first and why?


What language should you not learn?

In my opinion you should learn German, but starting with Spanish or French might be better.

Try them all out and see which you like the most.

Why don’t you give a try to mathematics ? The only universal language.


I thought love is the universal language :slight_smile:

Hardly so, since female and male humans sharing the same language so often don’t understand earch other.

Not everybody in the Galaxy will understand I love you or the body language that comes with it. But output the first prime numbers and they’ll know you are more than a random noise or a bare animal.

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Assuming those other people know what prime numbers are.

Imagine you could be fluent in any language and enjoy all the benefits of it.

Which would you enjoy the most?

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I don’t imagine extraterrestrials reaching us without basic maths.
Now if you are facing agressive humans who understand neither any of your words nor maths, calmly speaking out your prime numbers in a smile is not such a bad idea.

Which language or wich benefit ?

I can’t decide

I tried that. But the native speakers are all kind of weird.

“…What language should I learn first and why?..”

It’s an interesting question, because normally people have some definite motive for learning a particular language. Maybe a person has a girlfriend who comes from country A or B? Maybe a person is going to live in country X or Y? Maybe a person is going to be doing a lot of business with folks in country Z? Or perhaps it’s just about getting good grades at school or college?

But “which language to learn” as a totally open question…hmm…?

I mean, it depends also on where you live, what your native language is.

Assuming you live in the US, that your first language is English, and that you just want to learn a language to broaden your mind or whatever, well, I’d recommend SPANISH.



As for “why”, well, it’s a major world language and therefore potentially useful for business or travel throughout most of Latin America as well as Spain; it’s also quite widely spoken in many parts of the US as a second language; and it’s relatively easy for an English speaker. I mean, it’s much easier to reach a level in Spanish where you can converse and read authentic stuff than it would be in a Germanic or Slavic language (never mind about something more exotic like Arabic or Japanese!)

Is it that you have no burning interest in ANY language? Is it that no language STANDS OUT? Or is that you are VERY interested in multiple languages and just not sure what to pick?

I am very interested in almost all languages


I second that, considering that Spanish is even starting to be quite useful in Canada… If you live anywhere on the American continent and already speak English, learn Spanish :slight_smile:

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I learn french …

Okay. If all have an equal interest for you, then just go with the one that will give you the most benefit right now. This might be based on 1) where you live; 2) job prospects; 3) school, etc.

If these are equal as well, I second jaliscostate’s suggestion below of Spanish

Maybe Swedish…