What kind of TV shows do you prefer?

My favourite TV show is Stargate Atlantis. Now i’m watching it and ask me this question.

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Do you watch it in German?

Hahaha!! Stargate is also one of my favourite TV shows. In my opinion, Stargate SG-1 (the original) is the best one, then Stargate Atlantis is also a very good one, and right now I’m watching Stargate Universe, which I’m also enjoying although is the most different one.
Friends is also another of my favourite TV shows.
I’m sure there are some more, but right now I can’t remember! :wink:

I’m watching Dr House in German now and then. Most Seinfeld seasons are also dubbed into German so maybe I’ll watch those too sometime.

Isn’t it strange to watch Dr. House in German? I mean there are a lot of medical terms. Some of them I don’t know what they mean even in my native language :o)

Yes, i always watch Stargate SG-1,Stargate Atlantis in German. I think Stargate Atlantis is the best of them. I don’t like Universe.

Danaz - it may sound strange, but I don’t pay much attention to technical language in movies. It can’t be the end of the world if I don’t know what this or that latin term/medication/diagnosis means. If it was, only doctors would be able to watch it (but funnily enough, I’ve borrowed the DVDs from a doctor friend of mine:)).

Only perfectionists want 100% understanding of a text. Part of the language skill is to know what you can ignore - in my opinion.

I like Documentaries style like discovery channel , national geographics ect… I also like watching Tv shows like CSI Las Vegas. Although, I’ve never tried to find any shows dubbed in korean or with korean subs to learn the language. I dont even have cable soo i dont watch much tv.

“Only perfectionists want 100% understanding of a text. Part of the language skill is to know what you can ignore - in my opinion”

This is an interesting point. In the past I might have disagreed with you, but when I see how members get bogged down with little phrases and typos here, I tend to think you are right. If the mission is to pick up up firewood and get through the forest before dark, it doesn’t make sense to examine all the moss on the trees.

I like documentaries. For learning a language I like to find classic comedy shows in the language (either animated or live-action) and watch them. This has worked for me in a couple of languages and worked for one of my relatives in English.

For the perfectionists:)

If the mission is to pick up the firewood

I am watching House MD. I like this serial because there are many philosophic issues developed during the film.

I like watching NAVY CIS. Not because of the stories, but for the strange and bizzare persons. Thats the reason why I like Dr. House as well.

I think the best serie of the all times is The Wire. Does anyone know it? It’s perfect. I recommend a lot if you like quality film. Get it now!!! You will enjoy. It’s a must.

As far as language practice can go I like Friends for small talk, The Office to grasp some Business English in context and The West Wing for its way of dealing with social and political issues.

I like to watch Documentaries actually. What language they are in doesn’t matter to me.

For shows to actually watch, it is mainly Stargate (Universe right now) and Sanctuary. Also, anything that is good on History channel. Since I don’t have a TV I just watch new episodes on the sites website or on Hulu, if they are up, on my laptop.