What kind of music do you like?

very interested brass band music,–>>very interested in brass (the) band music,

Sorry, when I cut and paste one word, I made a mistake.

very interested brass band music,–>>very interested in (the) brass band music,

I like, some electronic music, like trance or ambient. I fink it very interesting too lisen new sounds and new rithm

I love classical, Japanese rock and pop, German rock, a bit of techno, and English rock.

Just a few names picked at random from my music collection:

Pekka Pohjola (Finland)
Stern-Combo Meißen (Germany)
Bunny Brunel (France)
Alain Caron (Canada)
Kornet (Sweden)
Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen (Denmark)
Värttinä (Finland)
Magma (France)

I wonder if any of these ring a bell for anyone?

I’m crazy about Def Leppard and Cheap Trick.
Yeah, I’m not young.
They were big in the certain country at late 70´s and 80´s,
but still making good songs and go all over the world for their performance.

In the recent group, I like The Koocks and Nightwish

What do you think about injury for health by hard rock?

“As far as your ears are concerned, listening to jackhammers is about the same as listening to a noisy rock band.”

The above sentence is from an English textbook for high-school students in Japan.

Hi K.S,

What “injury”? I have very good health. My brain works very well.

Hi Ks,

I think that’s great idea for stupid people.

but that’s only my own opinion.

I did not mean brain work :slight_smile: The Belgian scientists has shown that rock increases risk of pneumothorax development (pathology of lungs). As for me, I think that any music which is pleasant cannot be dangerous to health.

Hi Yasuko!
Please let me know concerning music style of your favorite executors (Def Leppard and Cheap Trick). Unfortunately, I did not hear this music.

Hi Ks,

Rock music and lungs disease? What connection does it have?
It could be very sophisticate theory.
Anyway, for the lungs disease, it’s better to worry about
smoking (include passive smoking), contamination of air and so forth.
I’ve never heard that someone hurt their lungs because of rock music.

Anyway, as you said, listen to the music which you like couldn’t hurt your health.
On the contrary, it makes you feel very very good!!

I love almost all kinds of music.
Other than those already appeared on the list, I also love jazz such as ‘Gonzalo Rubalcaba’ or ‘Wes Montgomery’.
But recently more and more into Russian pop such as МакSим (Maxim), Винтаж (Vintage) or Жанна Фриске (Janna Friske).
Lady Gaga turns me on, too.

Hi , L love country music.

The music make me feel so happy.