What kind of content do we need?

As I review the popularity of different items in our Libraries I am always struck by the popularity of easy content. It is easier to upload podcasts or newscasts but simple stories you can create, simple conversations, or simple diaries of your every day life in your native language- these are the kind of content that seems to meet the needs of the largest number of learners.

We particularly lack this kind of content in Swedish, Italian, Chinese to name just some examples.

I’ve written something for beginners in English that I’d like to add. I don’t have a microphone or other native speakers around me so I can’t record it. Basically I want to know where to submit it and if there’s someone I can ask to record it for English learners. I hope that maybe our French and German native speakers would day it and do in their languages, because this is the kind of stuff I’d prefer to read at the beginner level. So where do I go?

let’s pretend ‘day it and’ was deleted like it should have been


Why not post your content, or a link to it, and ask a native speaker to record it. I would like to see members of our community work together to create content. You just have to agree on who uploads it and owns it for the purpose of earning points.

I have a few questions related with podcasts to be added in the library.

These days I was exploring this website rpod.ru and I found some interesting podcasts. For one of them, called СВиД project, I have already get the permission and have add 2 items at the library. The person who does that podcast is the narrator and he reads stories that located to other sites for example lifeJournal, ziza.ru etc. So now I 'm starting to search for the authors of these stories to get permission from them as well. (I have already permission from ziza.ru and one person from lifeJournal.)
My questions are:
1)Who do I put as provider: The narrator of the podcast, the authors of the stories, or the rpod.ru who is the host of the podcast?
2)At the moment I have put as provider the rpod.ru but does that mean that I have to take permission from them as well?
I m quite confused…

You could perhaps explain any complexities in the description field.

Exactly. I would have rpod.ru as the provider and explain what you’re doing in the description. You can even list the authors, narrators names in the description box if you want.

I do have links to the narrator’s podcast and names of the authors because that is what I promised anyway :slight_smile: I just wasn’t sure if I do it correctly or not. To me it seemed logical to have a collection with the specific podcast, providing links to the author at each element and having as provider the rpod.ru since that is where the podcast is hosted.

I also found another interesting website http://webdiktor.ru/
They are a group of narrators and they make audio versions by request of articles and blogs around the web. They don’t ask to get paid but someone can do a donation. Unfortunately they told me they haven’t done any new work due to financial hardship. I think though that their idea is really great and also they do good work. They gave me the permission for their audio versions and now I have to ask the authors for the text. So it’s a similar situation with the previous… I can’t decide who should I put as provider because for me is both, the narrator and the author, ok maybe the author counts more?
By the way, they have done audio versions of articles from ШколаЖизни.py so whoever imports those articles you can also add О компании - Компания "Сфера Технолоджи", г.Каменск-Уральский provided that you add this link to the description of the items.

I’ve written some simple stories in Swedish, and gotten my native speaker teacher to look over and correct if needed. I would be happy to add those if it helped. ^^

Why not create a new provider for each podcaster. All lessons in the collection don’t need to have the same provider.

The podcaster is one, the authors are many. But yes, I didn’t think about that! I 'll have a better look and I see how it goes…

Konstantina, great content! I like it :slight_smile:

These days I had a small break from Echo Moskvi, so I was reading those funny stories from svid which by the way I find them quite hard to understand!
But anyway, I have a question again:
I am not sure if one of the stories I imported is “inappropriate” as content for the library. Well, as far as I understand there is not any abusive words and in my opinion it is not inappropriate, but I don’t know what others think?
This is the story Проект СВиД - Сказки для Взрослых и Детей - LingQ Language Library

Also a request:
Is it possible to add a new category Юмор (Humor)?