What is your favorite lesson in English, and why

I am always looking for good lessons to do, so I am asking this.
Mine is Login - LingQ
Because it´s not so extense and the subject is very common and familiar.

A part from EnglishLingQ, my favourite collection is “Knowledge Mobilization”.
In my case, I looked for something complex and not familiar with me, and then I bumped into this collection.

This series is provided by the Canadian Council on Learning and talk about the knowledge exchange, leadership, life long learning and so forth. There are 20 interviewers with the persons who involve in this discipline. It is very curious because each person demonstrate very different point of view even though the topic of the interviews is the same for all persons.

By the way, atosanael, I couldn’t access to your favourite content. Which one is this?

My favorite collection in English library is EnglishLingQ podcast episodes. Especially I like episodes which created in 2007 and 2008, it means episodes around #100 - #200.
Because most of episodes are friendly conversation with a lot of daily life words, phrases and expression. It’s fun to listen to it.

I also like to listen to the collection of Elllo. Each lesson is short, but they are also casual conversation. I like it.

Here is one more collection I like.

VOA (People in America)
I can learn about American famous and historical people from the lessons.

Even if you post the url link of your lesson page, we can’t access its page. Only you can access that page.
Click the link “Open the collection” of your favorite lesson page and copy and paste the URL on the forum.

Sorry about the wrong link, Yasuko, and thanks for the advice, Nobuo.
The name of my lesson is “Another Rainy Day” and the link is
I said that i like this lesson because the subject is familiar, but I think the expressions “casual conversation” and “daily life words”, as you said, represents better what I wanted to say.
I will see the lessons that you posted, it´s the kind i was searching for.

This is the link of Knowledge Mobilization collection which I wrote in my previous post.