What is your Favorite Anime/Manga?

My Favorite anime is overlord and My Favorite manga is gekkan shoujo nozaki-kun manga. Both are my favorite.
Check: mangazuki.me
What is your Favorite Anime/Manga?

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My favourite manga is attack on titan and favourite anime is RE: zero . I don’t sure that you realy nead this information, besause this anime and manga are realy popular and… yeah… but no one ask me this before :smiley:

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Favorite anime is Shiki
Favorite manga is Bitter Virgin

My favorit is One Piece. It is very popular, i know and i read it from the begining when it was not so well known.
If you want som funny moments in your life , i recomend it .
Short or shorter anime is Samurai Champloo.
It is like a Tarantino movie. I like it.
What do you think: what was the best animated movie ?

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Did you know you can import anime into LingQ? - YouTube

I enjoy - Shirokuma Cafe, Dragonball Z (up to the Saiyan Saga, after that it was downhill), Akira, Ninja Scroll,

Favorite anime: Steins;Gate
Favorite manga: Berserk
Favorite Visual Novel: Umineko or The House in Fata Morgana.