What is your advice about that?

I want to travel to one of English-speaking countries for improving my English, so I look forward to hearing your advice about that , Particularly with regard to countries , institutes and lifestyle.
Do you advise me to live with a family or with students in a dormitory ?
Thank you in advance .

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hi khalidmfy… I want the same think. I have already made up my mind… I’ll go to a University… because of the facilities they provide… Swimming pool, gym, restaurant, dorms, library, internet… etc…
I think dorms are better than family houses… because it’s nearer the facilities… and you will have much more people to talk…

The country depends on the time of the year you are available… you have to research the wheather… another thing is the accent…

Good luck…

Thank you for your valuable information .

I may travel to USA or Canada but i have no idea about good institutes there and the appropriate states for me .
Is there any body here can give the advice about that ?

That is difficult to answer because there are so many schools to choose from. I live in the state of Pennsylvania for example and there are several schools in just that state: List of colleges and universities in Pennsylvania - Wikipedia

Do you know what kind of degree you are looking to obtain or what field of study you wish to pursue? You could maybe try doing a google search for the degree you want and see what schools show up. Generally speaking I would say that most state run schools are well run institutions but privately run schools can vary quite a bit - some are great but some not so much.

Good luck.

I believe some where around new york city would be a good choice. There is so much too see over there and I am sure there is a good school for english learners if your interested in that as well. Actually my cousin went to one called the spanish american institute in manhattan, which seem to be very good. It isn’t only for people of spanish decent , they have a great mix of people and learn a lot.

I would like to express my thankfulness to all here for useful information .


There will be a Education Fair here in Brasilia/Brazil.
They listed some websites:




Thank you .