What is the reason of difference between LingQ interface on the real site and that is shown on the video on the Academy page?

I have paid attention that the interface of LingQ that is shown on the Academy page (Login - LingQ) is very differ from interface the site has now. For example the Learn page that is shown on the video contains features like Timeline, filter Recommended Lessons etc. The same situation exists with the other pages.
It is not convinient to use Academy video information to learn the features that do not exists in appropriate places on the site pages. I can figure out about the site features myself. So it is not a problem. I just want to be sure that did not miss something. Maybe some settings exist which I can use to change the current site interface to correspond with the video.

Hi Michael,

Videos on Academy page were recorded back in 2013. We hope to update the videos soon, but in the meantime, feel free to ask any questions you might have about the interface.