What is the point of the streak repair function?

I am wondering why anybody should want to use the streak repair function. If you have to repair it, than it is no longer a streak. Why not just be honest about it and just continue learning. I have enough coins to repair my streak for 100 days straight, but what have I won by doing this? I measure my success by known and read words. I have seen this numbers rise over the last 2 years so what do I care if there have been breaks inbetween? I dont really feel the need to “pay” the system to display a false number next to the apple. Especially since I know, that the number is not true. I am currious what this metric means to you and why you would want to manipulate it.


I used it in the past if I couldn’t learn because I ended up staying in hospital longer than expected. In that case, that wasn’t my own “fault”. Losing the streak because of that sucks, especially if you’ve been working hard to maintain it. Otherwise, I agree.

Hello, ramonek!

I think it‘s actually very helpful. For example, one day, because of some kind of bug, my time zone suddenly changed, and then I wasn’t able to reach my daily goal. So in this case, the repair streak function allowed me to fix my time zone and keep going with my streak, instead of simply losing all my progress because of some strange bug. Besides, I guess it’s up to the person to decide what motivates them best. So one may consider that a particularly busy day is reason enough to pay and repair their streak and keep themselves motivated. In the end of the day, that’s the most important, I guess, and not necessarily having a strictly correct streak.

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Whenever I lose my streak (mostly due to falling asleep unexxpectedly), it feels disappointing tbh. The streak somehow encourages me to learn consistently.

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For me the streak is an easy way to keep track of how long I’ve been studying a language so that’s why I repair it when I miss a day on LingQ. It doesn’t motivate me. I don’t see it as a measure of my success. It just gives me information.

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