What is the optimal learning method?

What do you think what is the optimal learning method? When should one start a new lesson with new words? Is it only when all the words are known?

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I like to approach it by categorizing my reading into two types of content:

  1. Content that is very interesting
  2. Content that is close to my reading level

For content that is very interesting, I just keep reading. For example, I am reading a book and even though I don’t know MANY words, I just keep moving forward. I have found that I learn a lot even though I am not reviewing because I am very interested. It is as if my brain is prioritizing these words.

For content that is close to my reading level, I do read it and listen to it like 10 times. I have much higher standards for ‘knowing it’ when it is at my reading level.


Hi molguy,

Here are few “general strategies for language learning” you could use:

Good luck


Thankfully the research has shown, and I think most of the users on this site will agree, the most effective method is an app called “Duolingo.” Do a lesson twice a week while you take an extra-long bowel movement and you should be fluent in 6 weeks. :):slight_smile:


Yes, but you should add:
“Thankfully Duolingo’s own research has shown… “Duolingo””.

Unfortunately, “Babbel’s research has shown that Babbel…”

etc. pp.


lolol had me dying.

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I don’t think Duolingo is bad. I also learn with it. I think it’s okay if you learn in several ways. My only comment about the six weeks is that, according to them, I am already perfect in English, because I have already exceeded the 6 weeks with Duo* with a streak of 504 days.

Otherwise, thanks to everyone for the advice and ideas.

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You should be doing a new lesson every day. At least then you are starting the process of learning new words. If you only review, then you’ll never get to the point of understanding most of the language. You can review lessons, if you feel like it (I do not), but every day you should be doing at least one, small lesson with new, unknown words in it.

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always keep doing new lessons cause its more fun and fun = motivation to keep going. That being said deff listen to the audios as much as you can withstand in the beginner stage and start tapering it off at the more advanced stage.

I dont think honestly you should review a lesson again, unless for some reason you liked reading it.

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What i am doing is jumping into new lessons and translate all the words without reading all the words, and i will contiune doing that for like 2 weeks more then i will start reading. The reason i am doing it is so that i dont interupt my reading as much by having to translate every other word in a sentence.

But i can’t say that what i am doing i optimal, i am just trying to make it easier for me in the long run. If there are " words " that are common and are used often i will se them again when i start reading. And if i translate a " word " that show itself just like a Unicorn, i dont have to worry about learning that word.

Im hoping to speed up the learning curve by not having to translate as many words and that in turn will make me able to read and understand what i am reading more without interuptions.

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