What is the Number of Languages that Can Be Displayed?

Show off

; )

If you mean on the profile, it should show all languages that you have at least 5 Known Words for. I think steve has the record, but alleray is close behind. :slight_smile:

I can’t see them on my profile either, but obviously everybody else does. (How many are there? Am I showing off?)

Btw: I can see 10 languages at your profile, Vonk.

Edit: I’d prefer it if I could see all my languages at one glance, I don’t care if others can see them or not. But I only see German and English on my profile.

Ah, I see there does appear to be something strange going on here. We’ll look into this!

In my case, I wasn’t able to see my portuguese display in a long time; now it is OK.

@Vonk - Regarding the premium feature, this is not related to the hints themselves but rather the integrated Google Translate, which is a feature that we are required to pay for.

My profile only shows Russian (which I have the most activity here in), and whatever language I am studying at the time (or if I’m doing something in Russian, it only shows Russian). I didn’t care much, because these numbers just show my activity here, not really my actual comparative levels in the languages, but I still thought that it would be nice to have them all on the page, since the topic was already brought up.

Alex has indicated that there appears to be a bug here. It is not a high priority item for us, so you will have to live with it for now. We will get to it when we finish dealing with a number of other issues.