What is the number link at the end of sentence in sentence view?

I looked through the documentation and Googled, but could not find any help on this. In sentence view, sometimes there is a ‘1’ at the end of the sentence that is a clickable link. If I click it, then another sentence is displayed at the bottom. In my case I believe the sentence is in German. My questions are:

  • Why does the number appear for some sentences and not others?
  • Why, when I click it, does it show a sentence (presumably the one I’m reviewing) in German?

Thanks for the help.

Interesting. I don’t see that one of the lessons I checked. What happens if you click it? Maybe it’s another extension you have on your browser?

I haven’t seen it either, but alas even with the new iteration of our beloved LingQ there are still lots of bugs. Something seems pretty buggy here to me.

Hi caferacer.
On web we show Notes indicator (like “1”) at the end of the sentence which has it and when you click on “1” you can see the text of the note below Review Sentence button. When you click on “1” again, notes will be hidden from your view.
In order to add notes to a sentence or edit it, you need to enter Edit sentence functionality. Notes are only visible in Sentence View mode.


Thanks for the suggestions. Perhaps it is an incomplete or buggy feature as cheska99 mentioned. This number at the end of the sentence is (so far) only in the beginner lessons. I haven’t seen it in the mini-stories. I don’t see an edit sentence function anywhere in the user interface. I’ll just ignore it.

For additional information: Mini stories for most of learning languages are locked from editing, only users with a certain permission can make edits in it (owners, admins, etc.), for the rest it is hidden from options. But you can access Edit Sentence functionality in your private lessons (just import articles from News feed, YouTube, create lesson via Import lesson feature) and you can edit text as you want, add translations, notes, etc. I hope this clarifies things for you, please let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks!

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