What is the latest on ePubs with DRM

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What is the latest advice on importing an E pub that has DRM?
Checked in the various forums and there is advice from three years ago, but nothing recent as far as I can see…

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You can’t import ebooks that still have DRM protection.

DRM needs to be removed with softwares such as Calibre or Epubor Ultimate, and then you can import the book PRIVATELY.


I mean to ask a question regarding Epubor Ultimate. The method Peter had suggested before to remove DRM protection did not work with every kindle book. I am curious to know if a problem like this exists with the Epubor ultimate software.

No. Epubor recently updated their software and it is now optimised to remove the DRM on the newer versions of Kindle.


Thank you for your answers! I am looking into Epubor now.

Is it worth the price to buy a life license instead of 1 year license which is at half the price?

I definitely think a lifetime license is worth it, especially if you read a lot.

If you are willing to wait a little, it is highly likely they will have a Black Friday promotion very soon.

I paid just $29.99 for a lifetime license two years ago and it was money well spent in my opinion.

Epubor makes it so much easier to remove the DRM on books than Calibre.


I downloaded it yesterday to try it out, but it throws an error when I try to convert the files from Kindle, although it does show those files. I tried what they say on the website but it still doesn’t work so I contacted support. It’s supposed to work straight out of the box but it doesn’t for me…

I will thank my lucky stars if they have a Black Friday promotion so I will wait for a while.

i read somewhere on their youtube channel free version of the software only removes 20% of the DRM protection.

Correct! The free version is limited and doesn’t allow to remove the DRM entirely.

I am pretty sure they will.

They had one two years ago when I bought it and there definitely was one last year too.

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I use kobo with calibre and a deDRM plugin.

How to Download ACSM Files with Calibre ACSM Plugin.