What is the differents between Te and Tu?

I was studing my spanish yesterday and came across the word tu which I know means you and I just learn that the word te means the same thing. My question is can I use one word over the other or is there some kind of rule I need to use these two words?

The Spanish members/tutors will help you better than I, but here is an attempt: You give me something : here you have the you that needs “tu”. I give you something: here we have the you that needs “te”.


Tu is a subject pronoun or a possessive adjective and te is a direct/indirect object.

tu eres bonita - tu (you) is the subject pronoun.

tu carro es rojo - tu (your) is the possessive adjective stating it is “your” car.

te amo - direct object, I love “you.”

te escribo una carta - indirect object - I write a letter to “you.”

Even if you are writing in English, I would submit your questions about Spanish in the Open Forum in Spanish category because I would think that more native Spanish speakers would see your question. I’m not sure if that is true, but it’s just a thought.

do a search in the library for “pronombres” for numerous examples.