What is the difference between these Swedish words?

My two courses seem to give different phrases for the same thing. Could someone please help me when to use what or if there is actually a difference in meaning?

något and någonting
Used in: Något annat? after ordering in a café / Någonting annat? after ordering two large cokes.

fil and mjölk
Used in: Till frukost äter jag fil med flingor. / Kan jag få mjölk till flingorna?

bror and brorsa
Used in: Det är Max, Rosas bror. / Min brorsa kör en grön volvo.

From what I remember “brorsa” is a familiar term for “bror”.

“Fil” is buttermilk, ie Buttermilch. (See correction by @Swedishfinnfrancophile below!)

Något and någonting can both mean something or anything. Något may be a contraction?

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Actually buttermilk is kärnmjölk in Swedish. Fil is a product similar to yoghurt made out of sour milk.

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Good to know, thank you!

Probably something like “Dickmilch” in German? dict.cc gives clabbered milk or soured milk as translation but I have to admit I never heard either term before.

We ate the ‘fil’ when we were at my sister’s. The children liked it very much. It is a thin yoghurt, and a bit more sour than ‘greek yoghurt’. They seem to eat it a lot with breakfast and cereals.

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Även “filmjölk” Betyder också “fil” till vardags. Brorsa är slang och betyder Bror. Det andra r:et brukar inte uttalas, uttalas typ broshaa. Det finns lill(e)brorsa och storebrorsa. Liknande även för syster = syrra, mor =morsa, far =farsa etc.

Thank you, this was helpful. I might have to go to Hamburg and see if I can get one there in the Swedish shop although it’s bound to cost the earth!
Or I might look at IKEA’s food shop. They carry soft bröd now so perhaps they also have fil, now that I know what to look for.

Thank you. I have to admit I find it confusing that a course aimed at absolute beginners teaches slang! But perhaps that would be what one would come across in the streets?
Thanks also for pointing out the pronunciation. The audio belonging to the lesson is very fast and hard to make out specific words.

I wouldn’t say it’s “slang”, it’s like hello/hi, father/dad, mother/mum… Everyone says brorsa/syrra/morsa/farsa.