What is the best way to study ? How many times should listen to same lesson?

Hi everyone ,
I’m currently learning English and i would like to know what is the best way to study languages ,How many times should I listen to the same lesson ? for example ,I study 2 or 3 lessons a day, I try to listen the same lesson at least 5 or 6 times and then move to another one ,even if I don’t understand everything, and I see people who study one lesson per day and listen to that same lesson 20,30 times. So,What is the best way? should I listen to the same lesson over and over, or studying, let’s say, 2,3 lessons a day ? (Studying a difficult lesson and an easier one )
I have this doubt from a long time ago and I still don’t know the answer .

Ps : I know that when you are a beginner you need to listen to the same lesson over and over ,but my doubt is from an intermediate level at English .My comprehension in english is quite good, I can watch tv shows (with english subtitle) and understand 70-80% (maybe more) ,I read articles and understand most of what is written , and stuff like that .

So,that’s it ,I’m looking forward for the aswers :wink:

I read a lesson 2 or 4 times, but if it is long only 2 times. It depends on the long of the lesson. Currently, I am reading the History of Gibbon. Sometimes I read one chapter with notes 2 0 4 times and in the following day I read it another time. Then I import and read and listen a new chapter. Also, I import some article about the Roman history from Wikipedia, only for read.

You only read the lesson ? what about listening ?

I read and listen, first I read and after reading and listen. If the lesson is short I only read and listening, if it is hard first read and after read and listen. Sometimes I only listen while I iron or do some others chores.

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@Matheus19, Steve answered a similar question in this week’s Q&A video. The question he answered was, “how often do you stay on one lesson before going to the next one?”

Here’s a link to the video: What is The Hardest Language to Learn? - YouTube

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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Thaks for the tip! I follow Steve’s channel and I didn’t see that video because it was posted a few hours ago, but yeah, this actually help, so thank you :wink:

Yes, Steve has answered such questions, however, I’ve been here for about a year and a half and I don’t know the right answer from time to time.

I would listen to the lesson without reading along to see if I can understand it. Then, I would read only and/or start adding LingQs of words and phrases. Then I would shift to pretty much reading while listening and occasionally read only or listen only. There would be many times where I am hesitant to add a LingQ because I do not understand the context of the sentence and feel hesitant to add a hint.

A lot of my lessons are 10-15 minutes long with about 800 words and I would listen to them about 15 times and read about 8 times (according to the numbers at the bottom of the lesson).

In the beginning, I would listen over and over but not feel like I’m getting any progress. This meant I needed to really try to understand what I’m listening FOR, which meant I needed to read. Reading I feel has a very special specificity that you can’t get with listening. Reading lets me understand the smallest details.

My point is, listening is great, but if you don’t know what you’re listening for, listening to noise over and over is a waste. This is my approach. Simply anecdotal.


I have never seen a student who repeated the same lesson 30 times. It’s perhaps an exaggeration.
If you are on your intermediate level, 2-3 times would be quite enough.
But I recommend all my students after listening and reading to retell the main point of the text at first in your native language abnd then in your target languager to make sure of the comprehension.
The number of the lessons depends on your time and your abiklity of the concentration. Some people can go through 5-10 new lessxons a day and some people lose their concentration on the second new lesson.
Good luck!


Thanks for you answer @evgueny40 ,I’m sure you have much more experience than I in language learning ,so I really appreciate you comment. I listen to the same lesson about 5-6 times and I still thought it wasn’t enough but I will continue with the same approach. And as you said , there’s people who can study 10 lessons a day, but I can’t ,usually I study 2-3 lessons a day and after my third lesson I kind lose concentration , because my lessons are 8-15 min long (sometimes more and sometimes less) and for my three lessons is quite good because I spend one and a half to 2 hours in each lesson , so three lessons is more than 5 hours a day of study and I can’t do more than that haha , so thanks again for your answer !

yeah ,I always listen to the lesson first and then I read,but I don’t listen 15 times the same lesson and neither read 8 times ,normally I listen 5-6 the same lesson and read 2 times , and I think I will continue with the same approach. I already tried to listen 30 times the same lesson but I could not stay with that approach because I find it very boring. And I think This approach that I’m currently using is better for me,maybe if you are a beginner in the language that you are learning you should probably listen to the same lesson over and over , but in an intermediate level I think it’s better to listen less often. You wrote about “listening to noise” and I agree that It is a waste of time, but that’s not my case, when I listen the lesson for the first time I don’t understand everything of course but I can understand 50-60 % at least , and as I’m listening and reading the lesson my comprehension is improving but I don’t try to master that content , as Steve said : I don’t need to understand everything before you move to another lesson, and that’s what I do,but I always try to understand 85-90 % of the lesson . By the way, Thanks for the comment :wink: