What is the best approach when using LingQ full time?

What rotation should one use when using LingQ full time?
I have 10-12 hours a day to study Polish, Im at an Intermediate level.

How many times should I listen to a recording before moving to the next one?(depending on the length)
For hours spent listening how many hours should i spend doing the LingQ flashcards?

Usually I take about 10 hours mastering one 15 minute recording, but I master 1 minute recordings much faster,
This is my first time learning a language.

“I have 10-12 hours a day to study Polish”

if you have 10-12 hours a day to study language, you are really lucky. :slight_smile:

“How many times should I listen to a recording” “For hours spent listening how many hours should i spend doing the LingQ flashcards?”

I am not expert but I listen to a recording max. 2 times. (okay maybe three) I do not spend time with flashcards because I don’t like it. If you find it useful, do it.

“I take about 10 hours mastering one 15 minute recording, but I master 1 minute recordings much faster”

I don’t think that you have to master it. I actually didn’t get it what “mastering a recording” means. If you try to memorize it, just don’t do it. It’s totally useless. I tried it. Boring. Useless. Don’t spend 10 hours to memorize a 15 minutes recording.

As I mentioned before, I am not expert, just an amateur language learner.

Wow 10 to 12 hours at day, this is my dream now.
In your place what I would do is:

8-12 Reading something that I’m interest.
12-13 listening throughout my lunch (radio, television,…)
13-14 grammar review.
14-16 read more
16-18 do exercises while I listen to the language. Or while I cleaning the house etc.
18-19 speak with natives.
19-20 rest
20- relaxation in the language, movies, songs, or going out with friends in the language. depending on availability.

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Amateur here,

In my opinion a lot of it is going to be managing your motivation and avoiding burnout given the amount of time you have.

Am I motivated to do this action one more time?
How difficult is the content?
Is the content part of a series where if I move to new material I will likely see the important words again?

For me I get bored and listen maybe three times total. I listen, read out loud, then listen two more times and move on. When the content is shorter in length I can listen multiple times but when it becomes longer I can only listen once, maybe twice. I don’t usually look to master everything before I go on, if the word is important I will see it again.

One suggestion though, do the more intensive studying earlier in the day and not at the end of your routine. Your brain is mush at that point. But do what works for you.

Wow impressive! I’ve had experience studying 10-12 hours a day for an extended period and I can provide some general observations to best use that time. Reading and listening for all that time isn’t the best use of your time since you’re already at an intermediate level.

  1. Vary your activities (input/output) throughout the day.
  2. Find an article/book with audio and read and Lingq/look up words & phrases. Ensure you understand the meaning of everything in that article (1-2 hours).
  3. Now you start listening with text 2-3 times or more if needed. Then listen without text and stop when you don’t understand something and look at the text. Keep doing this until you understand everything without text (1 hour).
  4. Those words you Lingq, now it’s time for flashcards…people hate them but reasearch (Paul ISP Nation) shows that it works (30 minutes)
  5. Now have a conversation with a tutor and after the formalities of how’s your day is going, only speak about the article and try to use the words from the vocabulary (1 hour).
  6. Review those same flashcards again for 30 minutes.
  7. Write a couple of paragraphs using the vocabulary from your flashcards.
  8. Listening to the article/book 2-3 more times and then start a new article and read, Lingq and listen 2-3 times.
  9. Flashcards the first article again for 30 minutes.
  10. Speak again with a different tutor about the same thing for an hour.
  11. The next day review the original article and move onto the 2nd articles and do it again.
  12. To break up the boring routing you could read articles that interest you and save words as you go and dedicate some time to studying grammer. These activities you can do during the day to keep it somewhat enjoyable.

Again, extended period of concentration on a relatively small amount of material will cement your gains and SRS will further solidify those gains.

Hope this helps🤙🏼

I guess there are not the numbers of repetitions. Anyway I like to have rest 19-20 times :wink:

It’s the hours of the day using the 24-hour clock, in case it’s still unclear.

Everybody likes to rest :slight_smile:

Btw, I would also add one hour of written.