What is Sentence Mining?

Sentence mining is an extremely efficient technique for getting to grips with sentence structure in Chinese. I’m told it also works well for other languages. So I wrote up a visual guide to how I go about mining sentences: Your Ultimate Guide to Chinese Sentence Mining in 5 Basic Steps – I'm Learning Mandarin

Let me know your thoughts!


I like it, the guide looks sufficient and clear. Depends on your goal, but it could probably be more convincing if you advertise the technique just a little bit more for your readers so they will more likely give it a try.

But the title is kinda too peaceful.

What is Sentence Mining and What Kind of a *** You Are If You Don’t Use It Yet?


5 Things You Should Know About Sentence Mining! (Besides What is Sentence Mining Itself)


Kim Kardashian Shows Her…
…new outfit, while, completely unrelated, I show you what is Sentence Mining!

Lol you’re better than me at this. Can I hire you as my sub editor?

I am personally much more a fan of this title :P. It is a question a lot will have, and it isn’t immediately clear what the post will even be about causing more to click on the post.

The graphic is very nice - as S.I. said, sufficient and clear.


I like this a lot and that’s a nice write up! I’ve never heard the term sentence mining, but this is the way I’ve always done my flashcards. I always use whole sentences or sometimes a couple sentences even on a card, sometimes with recorded audio. Of course it’s always from stuff I’m consuming, so I have a meaningful connection to it. I have one deck for sentences illustrating new vocab and another deck for other phrases with sentences I find interesting, like certain grammar structures, different contexts of words you only somewhat know, or just the way an idea is expressed. I think it’s very effective. I think it’s always better to see a word in context than just have isolated words on a flashcard.

I really like the idea of when you try to say something but fail, your native speaker friend tells you how a native would say it. You could even record an anki card of them saying the sentence right there on the spot! As long as they’re cool with being your language teacher…

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Thanks, glad you liked it :slight_smile: Yeah I have found it to be especially useful for internalising corrections and prioratising structures and ideas I often want to express but get wrong.

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Me too but look how little engagement it got in comparison with the other stuff :frowning:

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I think that’s a function of the topic and not the title unfortunately.

Most of active commenters here probably know, on some level, what sentence mining is. So a well out together graphic putting it in a nutshell is most likely to evoke, nice!

Now if there was something “wrong” you would get lots of engagement and Wikipedia links! (Probably a corollary of Cunningham’s law.)

One thing I wonder about is the create our own mines. A month or two before LingQ when I was going to take on learning German, Swedish and Norwegian at once, I put together a massive Memrise deck that I intended to use for everything.

Edit: Apparently too much to type on Mobile.
Words, Gender, Context Sentence(s), etc., but also cards that were related to every grammar concept I could read about. For those, I would try to think of a situation where I would use that grammar pattern and write a sentence. I would then put the sentence into a Google search and see if anyone had “said” that before. If I could find it, I added it to the deck with a note (in the TL) of what it is trying to demonstrate. I don’t know how useful this all was since I stopped using Memrise around the time I started reading, but I can say those sentences are burned into my memory two years later.