What is said is different from what is told

I’d like to know why when I import a video from Youtube, LingQ changes somes words or phares from subtitles to another words. for exemple: The subtitle says “in weeks” but the text on LingQ says “lately”. I know the meaning is about the same but I don’t want this. Because this way what I hear don’t match with what I read. Thanks

Hmm, that sounds strange, I don’t think it’s possible that LingQ changes anything. The subtitle file that got imported should remain the same. Can you send me a video and I’ll try to figure out what’s going on?

Are you sure? Usually the subtitles vary from the actual spoken words in a video. The person making the subtitles is free to make variations because they have to be frugal with regards to space on the screen. Their goal is to get the gist across. As Zoran said, I don’t see how LingQ could change the words to a subtitle file it is importing.