What is powering your language learning? (Hardware)

Just curious about what mp3 players people are currently using.
I am using an iPhone 4 right now, but I want to get something smaller.
I am thinking about an iPod Nano 5th generation.
Any other recommendations for someone looking for something smaller
and more “pocket friendly”? The iPhone is not that great for running…

I have a nano for running. I have used a shuffle but the nano is easier to manage and small enough.

I also use a nano. I have traditionally veered away from apple products (I don’t like paying a 70% markup for a lifestyle image) but the nano is compact, easy to navigate, and durable. And the podcast interface has a real convenient “repeat the last 30 seconds” button which I use all the time when I didn’t quite catch what someone was saying. Now if only they had a setting to automatically skip over the “This lesson was brought to you by LingQ…” at the beginning of every podcast that would just be peachy.

Thanks for the replies.
I think the Nano is a good choice and the
5th gen has a camera so if I see something interesting
while I run I can record it as well. Also, I like
the FM radio function so that I can listen to talk radio as well.

On the go I do a lot of reading and flashcards sometimes, all my listening happens at home. The main reason is that “on the go” normally means “in the subway” for me -)
Tried listening to audiobooks in the gym - didn’t work out: the music is a way too loud in there -(
The device is, however, an Android phone.

I use an iPod Classic. I don’t recommend it, but it does have one feature I do recommend.

It has a mechanical switch that can lock all functions. When all functions are locked, if you’re running or otherwise moving about, you won’t accidentally turn it off, change from one audio to another, skip part of an audio, and so on.

I would never pay money for an MP3 player that did not have such a switch. I would also never again buy an MP3 player that relies on iTunes, but that’s another story.

Good luck with your Nano.

cheap chinese mp3 players FTW!! xD

ipod shuffle. great for taking walks, great for outfits without pockets, and very very budget friendly.

donhamiltontx, I agree with you completely, I absolutely hate iTunes.

I have a Creative Zen player. It’s an older model, and the newer ones don’t get as good reviews. It has 32 GB. I’ve also loaded 1 season of my favorite series onto the mp3 player because it plays video too.

agreed on the iTunes, you used to be able to flash the iPod firmware to a 3rd party one, such as RockBox, but I’m not sure if you can do that anymore on the new ones. (Although iTunes’ podcast downloader is nicer than a lot of others I have used, its also nice how you can switch the iTunes store to be a different country’s store if you want to get music, movies or ebooks in that language)