What is going on in Turkey?

Military coup? Since I’m meant to be going to Istanbul for a conference on two weeks (COSPAR 2016), I am very interested to try understand what is going on now.

Uh… you might want to second think attending that conference. I’m pretty sure your employer (or whoever is sending you there) would understand.

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I must agree with with Bruce - you might want to have a rethink about this trip, Colin!

I can’t deny that it ain’t looking so good right now.

Fighter jet shoots down a military helicopter in Ankaea.

I wonder if COSPAR has a contingency plan and could perhaps reschedule the conference to a different time and location (different country) on such short notice?

Awesome that you’re involved with this. Who are the “big names” that appear at these conferences, or that are expected to appear at this particular conference?

"There have been three successful coups in Turkey, a NATO ally, since 1960, and in 1997 the military carried out a “soft” coup, issuing directives to the Turkish government that it was forced to accept. The military has cast itself as the traditional protector of secular, democratic rule. "

I am interested in the issues that triggered the military coup. It appears that secularism and the rule of law are the core of the issues. It is ironical, but in Turkey the military seems to be a proponent of secularism and democracy.

Not all of the army have tried to take over the country. The soldiers who tried this were about 700-800. And those soldiers didn’t even take down important points in the country, instead they barricaded at stupid places like bridges… Government members could make statements and irritate people who supports Erdogan as much as they want like it was possible in a real coup situation… If this was a real coup attempt it would be done in like 2 hours. It was just a good theatre to gain more support for erdogan.


Thank you for your information.

“…Erdogan was already throwing his weight around – jailing journalists, seizing control of critical newspapers, sending riot police in to fight protests and so on. But now he has a concrete threat which he can use to justify any and all repressive measures. The odds are that we will now see even tougher clampdowns which sadly will extend will beyond those actually responsible and likely sweep up many targets whom the government finds it convenient to be rid of…”

(Heaven help Turkish moderates and secularists now…)

Yep, entirely predictable too.

Yeah. I’m not (er, of course) the kind of chap who is in favour of military takeovers(!)

And yet, and yet…one can’t help wondering whether the putschists weren’t after all the good guys in this case!?

Crazy crazy times! :-0

(Actually I would quite enjoy seeing a military takeover in France - but that’s only because their officers wear brown trousers!)

I have no idea who will be going. The COSPAR conferences are important, so the big names in many fields will be there. I was invited to give a review talk on space weather, which is the main reason I still want to go. I also already bought everything and won’t get that dosh back from my university if I don’t go, which will cost me more than a thousand euros.

Sounds like it was probably Gulenists in Turkey, so really not much better than Erdogan. I wish the Turks had better choices, then again, I’m wishing that for the U.S. these days.

Was it really them, or did Erdogan just blame them so he would have an excuse to suppress them more?

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Hi, I live in Istanbul full-time, although I’m currently out of the country on summer holidays. I know that things will be much calmer than you think, and I encourage you to go. Civil unrest won’t be an issue by the time you go. Istanbul is a fascinating place, and very hospitable to foreigners. I think you will love it!

The current spate of terrorist attacks is what it is. I could understand if some people hesitate to come. Nevertheless, statistics say that your chances of dying in a car accident in your home town are much higher than the chances of being in a terrorist attack. My day-to-day life there has not changed despite all that is going on.

Of course. I don’t think there is any real danger. It was only last night when it was unclear what was going to happen that I was unsure.

i would stay far from any country in the mid east why wouldanybody go to this region unless they really have to

There’s been a failed attempt to overthrow the president by a small group within the military. That’s all. It looks like eveything will be back to normal in a few days.