What is diffrence between two sentence gramatically?

i sometimes get confused when i try to analyze these sentences gramatically. Thanks in advance.

  1. He was shot by somebody.
  2. He got shot by somebody.

I’m a bit confused as well. At that point in grammar, you’re only going to annoy an English professor if you use it the wrong way.

So, I’m not exactly sure what the difference is.

Both get your points across.

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「 受身の be done が状態と動作のいずれも表すのに対し, get done は動作が主体であり, 予期しないことによく用いられる。」(Genius)
“Be done” expresses both states and actions, while “get done” usually expresses actions, especially, unexpected actions.

I got married forty years ago. I am still married.

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Isn’t the second one more colloquial? Anything that involves “get” or “got” seems to be a part of informal speech these days.

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Yes, I agree.
My English professor always warned us to avoid using ‘get’ in the Passive Voice because it’s too colloquial.


It is more clear now. Thank all of you for your helps.

Hi Okur,

He was shot by somebody. - This is a standard passive sentence in English. In the active voice: Somebody shot him.
He got shot by somebody. This is using the verb, get, in the passive voice.

The “get passive” especially is used in informal speaking and is commonly used in events that are negative or not desired.

Hope this helps.

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