What is だと in this sentence?

彼女 の もの だと おもいました 。

I don’t really understand what だと is here? Is it a particle?

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

彼女 の もの だ = it’s her thing (da is the copula)

と Is a particle used to “quote” something in Japanese. The meaning of the sentence, assuming the subject is “I” is:

I thought it was hers.

But you can almost think of it like:

“It was hers,” I thought.

Whether its a direct quote (reported speech), like:

“It was hers,” I said. = 「彼女 の もの だ」と いいました 。

Or a paraphrased “quote” like the above, the particle と is used.

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Woaw, thanks! This makes everything a lot clearer.

I still need to review the だ copula’s grammar as I am not too familiar with it.

Thanks for your help!

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