What I find disturbing: AKA Deleting Lessons/Courses ...SOMEONE PLEASE FIX!

I want to be able to delete lessons/courses from the new view of the “My Lessons” section which seems like that should be a BASIC feature!!! (Anger times 10 here) I have tried to search for a workaround and some people claim by going in the classic view you can delete the lessons from there (but it seems not courses). Well that doesn’t really fix the problem because they all still appear in the new view undeleted (and of course the courses appear there as well bc you cannot delete them on either view).

I am struggling to find a reason to pay for a site in which junk I don’t want to see is permanently locked in :frowning:

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@iheartnihon - You can’t delete lessons but you can ‘unsave’ them which returns them to the Library and removes them from My Lessons. Just click the Save icon which is blue for all lessons in My lessons. The lesson stays there until you refresh but the icon turns grey. You will have to move your cursor away to see this as there is a temporary glitch there right now. You have to remove all lessons before the course will be removed.

Getting unwanted content out of “my lessons” is driving me mad as well.

Where exactly is the above noted “Save” icon? I don’t see anything on the site labelled “Save”.

I have tried using the “delete lesson” function on each lesson. the lesson disappears initially but reappears on page refresh.

I only want lessons listed in “My Lessons” those that I am actively working with. Right now, I have a lot of inappropriate courses listed that I have added in error. I will be very careful before I use the “take all” button again.

I do hope you can point me in the correct direction.

When you are on My Lessons page, you can find the blue Save icon on the bottom right of each lesson. After you click on it, it will switch its color to gray and after you refresh the page unsaved lesson will disappear.

Ahh, the “Save” icon. could you be kind enough to add a screenshot of said icon that includes the URL so that we all have an opportunity to understand where to find it.

Many thanks

I replied on your email with screenshot. Hope it helps!